Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Learning to cook PASTA!

This is kind of funny for me because I don't really like pasta but have strangely had this obsession with learning to make it! So when I saw a steel of a deal of gilt city for a BYOB pasta making class for pennies I jumped at the chance! I bought two tickets (prior to having anyone to go with)!

I invited my friend Jillian (featured below) - she is the best date and we had so much fun! Randomly Jillian also knew the owner of the company (who also randomly attends the church my husband and I go to).

We made four kinds of pasta (and I am kicking myself for forgetting to grab the recipes on the way out) and all were delicious!

- Fettucini
- ravioli (spinach ricotta filling)
- tortellini (spinach ricotta filling)
- dessert ravioli (ricotta honey filling - berry balsamic topping)
- delicious simple tomato sauce (tomato, basil, oregano, carrots, onion, parsley, thyme, salt, pepper)!

I want to recreate this meal (need to convince the husband that we need the pasta kitchen aid attachments as I don't think hand rolling the dough is doable) every night!

Lessons learned -
- fresh pasta is not like anything else (boxed pasta is no good)
- it's not that hard (with the right equipment)
- dessert pasta is delicious - I already have additional recipes brewing in my head foe additional desserts!
-cooking with friends is a fabulous way to spend Tuesday evening!

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