Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Fall (maybe)

I left for work today and it was in the mid 70's and tonight when I got off the subway to come home it was (gasp) in the 40's. Summer is my favorite season of the year because I love the sunshine (and especially how late the sun stays out at night) however I am quickly coming to grips with fall (I don't think I have a choice)! I can get comfortable with the seasons as long as I am dressed appropriately (tonight I had on a dress and flip flops...not appropriate). I need to say goodbye to white and hello to sleeves.

To get myself in the fall spirit below is a list of a few things I am excited about!

-Brussel Sprouts!!! I have been eating them for weeks (I have already eaten them 3x this week for dinner) but I am excited to find them at the farmers market.
-Canning - I LOVE to can stuff. It feels so great to open a fresh jar of jam or salsa and eat it. This year I am taking on the task of tomatoes. I am going to can fresh tomatoes (purchased from the farmers market) as well as marinara sauce (and salsa again). This falls within my new "less waste" philosophy (which will be a new post in itself).
-Boots - I love boots, they are so great to keep my toesies warm on fall days.
-Football - while this has already started I love a good football game and am excited to enjoy the viewing pleasure of more games!
-Friends! Everyone travels so much in the summer its hard to get together. I am hoping to see more friends this fall.

There are so many other things I love but I wanted to start with a small list.

Sorry no photos - life took over this post.

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