Saturday, October 8, 2011

Napa Day 1/2 - Fun Surprise (10/6/11)

I am currently on my annual Mother/Daughter trip; this years destination was Napa. The day started out early for both of us as we took painfully early flights to enjoy part of the afternoon in Napa.

Upon arriving at our booked hotel we were offered a proposition. The hotel was overbooked for Thursday night so they offered to put us up in a 5-star hotel (we had booked a 4-star) and cover the room night (thus refunding our first night). How could you pass this offer up???

During the 2-mile drive to the Meritage Resort and Spa I came up with a brilliant idea. Since we were not paying for our first night we should book massages at the Spa (this was most important since the flight added lots of new knots in my back). So upon arrival my first question was "what time do you have two appointments available". To my delight they had space for us at 6pm (we arrived around 2ish).

So the next obstacle to overcome was what are we going to do for the few hours before our massages? That choice was also fairly easy as the back of the resort is a wine cave tasting room. So we got to our room to freshen up a bit and then headed down to the wine cave to enjoy our first wine tasting.

The wine was called Trintas. They don't have their own winery (they source most of their grapes from around the area to make delicious wine). They did however have a few grapes growing above the cave for one of their wines (can't remember which varitial). Overall the wine was good!
After enjoying a glorious massage it was time to indulge in dinner. Prior to our trip I had made most of our dinner reservations for each night. Tonight I had a reservation at Morimoto. On my last trip to Napa (it was 1 day) I ate a delicious meal at Morimoto and I really wanted to go back.

This meal was extra special as chef Morimoto was in the restaurant that evening as well as a camera crew. We later found out that the camera crew was filming a very famous couple from Japan (someone compared them to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and Morimoto was serving their food to them which was all being captured on film. It was kind of cool to see the whole thing go down (while knowing nothing about what they were doing or who they were).

We had an amazing dinner that consisted of - Tuna Pizza, Spicy Tuna Roll, Bim Bop (hot stone bowl that cooked the ingredients inside) and dessert doughnuts.

All-in-all a great first day. After the meal we went straight to bed to prepare for the next day's adventure!

*Please note all photos are from my iPhone and only lightly edited (I would obviously prefer to do more work to the photos but my desire to document the day won out)*

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