Sunday, November 27, 2011

Homemade in the kitchen!!

Tonight my husband (and I) made a delicious homemade dinner! Homemade pasta, meatballs, bread, salad, salad dressing (and to top it off...chocolate chip cookies). All in all a great way to end the long weekend!!'

Good food, good company, good wine!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!!!

It's the day after thanksgiving and after a day of cooking and eating most Americans like to run to the mall (or in my case manhattan) and get Christmas shopping started/finished. In my case black Friday has a whole different meaning. I fight crowds every day to get to and from work. My very busy 4/5 train during rush hour daily from my little piece of heaven (Brooklyn heights) to Grand Central has all but eliminated my patience for crowds. So instead of fighting the crowds I had a very different day!

Things I have accomplished today...
-cereal for breakfast
-90 minute killer 90 spin class (so proud of myself)
-egg whites and turkey bacon for lunch (made by myself)!
-researched things to buy for myself (coats, boots, dresses) online
-considered shopping in the neighborhood but declined for second nap
-caught up on DVR shows that I have not had time to watch
-snuggled with my monster

And because no post is really complete without a photo; below is the monster (aka: Sophie) eating her thanksgiving dinner!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I suck at blogging

Not sure why I suck at blogging...I get really excited and then just kind of stop doing it. I am trying to figure out the future of this blog (and other blogs I have and neglect). I take lots of photos and they just don't seem to make it up here! Just a random thought today...