Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

I have a phobia of resolutions, mostly because I have a phobia of failure. I hate the idea of saying I'm going to do something (a resolution) and then somewhere in the first month of the year having to take on the label of failure because I didn't complete that something. So in 2011 I decided to start declaring a theme for the year, and committing to my theme. This years theme was


I was super committed to having a total year of transformation in my life...and I think I did a pretty good job. Below are some of the highlights!
  • New JOB! This was probably the area that needed transformed the most, I could not stay at my job. In January I got the offer I was waiting for and in February I started. Best. Decision. EVER!
  • Photography! I have had my little portraiture business for a few years now, but was having trouble with inspiration. I decided to start to take more photos for myself and much to my surprise I actually sold a few (3 to be exact). I am so excited and have actually been inspired to create a few collections a year. To see some of my work, click here!
  • Sailing - Since leaving a job with great travel benefits which allowed me to explore the world, my husband and I decided that we needed to come up with something to occupy us in NYC. It was such a refreshing thing to do and really created transformation for us. We were able to explore parts of NYC that most people don't get to see (NYC by a 24ft sail boat is pretty cool). I also took 2nd place in the photography contest at the club(I think it should have won...but I am biased).
  • Fell back in LOVE with NYC - After 7 years in NYC I love it more than when I moved (which feels great)!
  • Hair - I cut off all of my beautiful LONG straight hair. Its still straight, but short. Sometimes I regret it, but for the most part I like it.
  • Sophie - I transformed my DIVA monster puppy into a celebrity ala facebook! Check her out Sophie Chunk
  • Gym - After running the NYC marathon in 2008 I have really struggled with a work out routine. I loved training for the marathon (I am a creature of habit), but have struggled with a solid/fun routine. Since joining an external gym again I have LOVED taking classes and really enjoying different kinds of working out (yoga, spinning, weights, kickboxing, dancing, etc).
  • Vacations - At my job that I left earlier this year I had lots of opportunity to travel around and visit lots of vacation spots. It was cool to see everything, but nothing truly felt like a vacation as I was always taking meetings while I was there. This year we took a dream vacation and I actually took the full 12 days off and didn't check-in with work 1 time. It was very transformational for me mentally and physically. I even learned meditation and took lots of yoga classes. I want vacations in the future to involve yoga of some kind...more on that later this year.
  • Cooking - I like clean superfoods. I taught myself to make homemade foods (that you would normally buy from a package) and have really embraced from scratch cooking. This does not mean that I will never make or eat packaged foods again, but it does give me the confidence to continue to make from scratch foods more. Things I made for the first time; Turkey (whole bird), roasted chicken (whole bird), pasta (regular and whole wheat), canned jam, canned salsa, fish (yes people, I had never cooked fish before this year...weird since its is one of my favorite foods).
  • Clothing - since I don't really have to dress up every day, I have tried to learn how to dress casual but chic. I am still working on this, but its been fun to transform my wardrobe.
There is so much more (and I might come back and add to the list), but in the interest of getting this posted this last day of 2011 I wanted to post what I have now and add to it as I remember.

Coming up next; my 2012 theme!

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