Monday, June 18, 2012

Hamptons Weekend

In my almost 8 years in NYC I have NEVER stayed out in the Hamptons during the summer.  Something about it just seems so unlike me, but then something makes me say why have I never done this.  We have spent plenty of time out east, however its never been the actual Hamptons!

So, when some friends called and said they were renting a house for the weekend we jumped at the chance to actually do the Hamptons!!!

I didn't take many photos (too busy enjoying the sun), but here are a few!

Severe Traffic ahead

 Note to self, never wear the wayfare sunglasses again!
We love the beach!

East Hampton Beach

The amazing pool!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kristine became Mrs. Greene

The entire reason for my Seattle trip was to see Kristine and Jack get married!  Kristine is a very special person to me and I would not miss this wedding for the world!  I was sad that Jason didn't make the journey out with me, but it was so great to see the ladies and just have a fun "girls weekend". 

Kristine and I met in High School while volunteering at a Young Life camp.  Fast forward to college, when I decided to transfer back up to Ohio State we ended up being roommates (along with some other amazing girls)!  Hanging out with Katie, Kristine & Shannon for the weekend was so wonderful.  I have been STRESSED at work and it was so needed to be around long time friends that just know me and love me (and I truly love all of them)!  
  Some fun pix from the wedding (all iPhone, I was having way too much fun to worry about my SLR)
Shannon, Kristine, Katie & me! 

Mr & Mrs. Greene

The wedding was a dance party, so much fun!!!

Katie & me

Shannon & me

My SLR pix are coming soon...yikes I need a haircut!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exploring Seattle

I few out to Seattle for the weekend to celebrate a dear friend's wedding!  Kristine and I met when we were in high school and lived together in college and I am so excited to be here to celebrate her wedding weekend!

Today I got to enjoy a date day (with myself).  I felt a bit Carrie Bradshaw except it wasn't falling in love with NYC, it was Seattle.  I brought my camera (and my iPhone) and set off on foot to see the sights.  I explored a few stores (even though I live in the shopping capital of the world, I have absolutely NO time to browse there) and explored a few tourist sites.

I also wanted to share the things I learned today!
  • People in Seattle don't jaywalk!  Its very hard for me not to just cross the street when car's are not coming (or are not too close)
  • 65 to 70 degrees in Seattle is not the same in NYC.  I was so cold I had to buy a coat!  
  • There are a lot of folk trio's within the vicinity of pikes place I saw at least 4! 
  • Hypothesis: people drink so much coffee so they can warm up (Seattle is not warm)! 
  • While there was no direct sunlight, I did need my sun glasses 
  • Everyone is NICE!  I am kind of use to the aloof new york way, but here everyone wanted to help me (from the bank to Sephora to the street)
  • I need a date with myself to re-charge! 
  • I still LOVE photography
Enjoy a few of my favorite iPhone photos from today!
Space Needle
Chihuly exhibit next to the space needle (stunning)!

I particularly love this because of the small pocket of blue sky

Self-portrait at Public Market


Pike and Pine (and blue sky)

Seattle's Best

My Favorite Flowers were everywhere! 
Amazing trio outside the first Starbucks!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm Back!

It's been a while and I have MISSED the creative outlet of writing (and this blog).  I don't really have great excuses other than its been a tough/busy few months.  Instead of dwelling on past excuses, I'm looking towards summer and have a fun way to challenge myself to grow and get out and HAVE FUN!  

  • Strawberry Picking and all the delicious things that come along with it: Jam making, Strawberry Bread, Strawberry Granola...and anything else I can accomplish from my Strawberry Recipes Pintrest list
  • Wine tasting in the North Fork:  This is one of my FAVORITE summertime activities and thinks its the perfect summer adventure (for a day or a weekend)
  • Summering in the Hamptons:  I am kind of cheating by putting this one on here because I already have plans to go out for a week; but since I have lived in NYC for 8 years and never been to the Hamptons (proper) in the summer it's only fitting that this goes on my adventure list).  
  • Homemade ice cream, sherbert and sorbet:  I have this little guy on order currently and I can't wait for it to come so I can start to create recipes and enjoy a cool summer treat on a hot summer day!   
  • Health & Food: I am going to continue to track my daily food and exercise with the goal to loose least (this is not an adventure, but something I am just doing so I might as well write it down).  
  • Camping:  I was hoping for cabin camping while we are in Minnesota, but renting a cabin doesn't seem to be in the cards (they are all full) so I am going to put on my wilderness hat and enjoy nature 
  • Vermont: Explore Vermont and celebrate Piper and Jared's Wedding
  • Photography: I am goign to take the summer to enjoy photography for me!  I want to do a collection (and have not figured out what shape its going to take) and just capture my life!  
  • Guitar: Learn a full song and play and sing for a video camera   
  • Running: 
  • 50 Shades: Start and finish 50 shades of Grey 
  • Sailing:  I will continue to overcome my fear of keeling and enjoy sailing in the NY Harbor (not sure why I fear, it's one of the coolest things in my life at the moment).
  • Balance: I will NOT work on the weekends as they are reserved for my adventure list (period, then end). 
*This is all i can think of at the moment, keep checking back for progress and updates (I will do doubt add to this list)!