Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exploring Seattle

I few out to Seattle for the weekend to celebrate a dear friend's wedding!  Kristine and I met when we were in high school and lived together in college and I am so excited to be here to celebrate her wedding weekend!

Today I got to enjoy a date day (with myself).  I felt a bit Carrie Bradshaw except it wasn't falling in love with NYC, it was Seattle.  I brought my camera (and my iPhone) and set off on foot to see the sights.  I explored a few stores (even though I live in the shopping capital of the world, I have absolutely NO time to browse there) and explored a few tourist sites.

I also wanted to share the things I learned today!
  • People in Seattle don't jaywalk!  Its very hard for me not to just cross the street when car's are not coming (or are not too close)
  • 65 to 70 degrees in Seattle is not the same in NYC.  I was so cold I had to buy a coat!  
  • There are a lot of folk trio's within the vicinity of pikes place I saw at least 4! 
  • Hypothesis: people drink so much coffee so they can warm up (Seattle is not warm)! 
  • While there was no direct sunlight, I did need my sun glasses 
  • Everyone is NICE!  I am kind of use to the aloof new york way, but here everyone wanted to help me (from the bank to Sephora to the street)
  • I need a date with myself to re-charge! 
  • I still LOVE photography
Enjoy a few of my favorite iPhone photos from today!
Space Needle
Chihuly exhibit next to the space needle (stunning)!

I particularly love this because of the small pocket of blue sky

Self-portrait at Public Market


Pike and Pine (and blue sky)

Seattle's Best

My Favorite Flowers were everywhere! 
Amazing trio outside the first Starbucks!

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