Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kristine became Mrs. Greene

The entire reason for my Seattle trip was to see Kristine and Jack get married!  Kristine is a very special person to me and I would not miss this wedding for the world!  I was sad that Jason didn't make the journey out with me, but it was so great to see the ladies and just have a fun "girls weekend". 

Kristine and I met in High School while volunteering at a Young Life camp.  Fast forward to college, when I decided to transfer back up to Ohio State we ended up being roommates (along with some other amazing girls)!  Hanging out with Katie, Kristine & Shannon for the weekend was so wonderful.  I have been STRESSED at work and it was so needed to be around long time friends that just know me and love me (and I truly love all of them)!  
  Some fun pix from the wedding (all iPhone, I was having way too much fun to worry about my SLR)
Shannon, Kristine, Katie & me! 

Mr & Mrs. Greene

The wedding was a dance party, so much fun!!!

Katie & me

Shannon & me

My SLR pix are coming soon...yikes I need a haircut!!!

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