Friday, July 6, 2012


I have been inspired by other blogs recently (will post about blogs I love soon)!  As you can tell (for the 3 loyal readers I have) I can't quite figure out what to do with this blog.  I was posting a lot about life last year with some photos peppered in.  I took a long hiatus this year and have just started getting back in a groove recently

I like to post about food, cooking, travel, photography, exercise, work, fashion, my puppy, DIY projects, my apartment...etc.  I choose the name photos and life because I didn't want to be tied down to any one thing.  I am a bit of a free spirit and I like to create and be creative for whatever moves me in the moment, however I do want this blog to be inspirational to others.  I want people to read it and feel like they can be creative with everything they do.  I want to provide value!

Being creative for me is all about feeling good and proud of what you are doing from your make-up in the morning, clothing you choose to wear, accessories you put on, photos you take (iPhone to SLR), attitude you exude, food you make, projects you complete.  So I am hoping to share more about everything creative

I have always been into make-up and fashion (as in fashion I can afford).  I'll post about fashion in another blog post (looks like I have lots of topics to cover soon), but this post is dedicated to make-up.

Ever since i was a little girl I have been exposed to make-up.  It might be from my ballet/ice skating days, where at 7 years old I would perform with a full face of make-up!  After my performance days were over, I still loved experimenting with make-up.  Make-up is also a favorite activity for my mom and I (whenever we get together we always visit a make-up counter somewhere to get a new look).  I daily choose my lip color based on my outfit.  I wanted to share what I am wearing today (and will start to do this more often).     


What's in my make-up bag today!

Tinted Moisturizer: Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer
Blush: Arrojo Sheer Cheek Tint (Similar: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral)
Eye Shadow:  Benefit Creasless Cream eyeshadow RSVP & Tattle Tale
Eye Liner: Bobbi Brown Ink Liner
Mascara: Bobbi Brown Intensiying Long-Wear Mascara
Highlighter: MAC Hey, Sailor Highlight Powder 
Lips: Mac Hey, Sailor Sail La Vie Lipstick

PS: what do you think of my new hair cut?  I can't seem to find the perfect cut (since I cut it all off last year).  I am thinking once this grows out a little bit more it may be perfect, or maybe I should just grow it out and be done with trying to find the perfect short hair.  

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