Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Statement necklaces making a statement!

I have had a vision in my head of not having my necklaces strewn everywhere in the apartment (or just sitting in multiple purses!  My jewelry box has been rather dusty in the back of my closet for a while now and my jewelry has not gotten major play (other than a few old standbys that come out every day).  The sad thing is that I LOVE jewelry, especially necklaces!  Just like make-up you can wear what you feel and it can make an ordinary outfit look extraordinary.

I am committed to spending my summer cleaning out and organizing!  Jason and I are both extremely sick of clutter and just want to minimize the things we own as well as display them in fashionable ways (although I should caveat he doesn't care about my necklaces)!

I have gotten quite familiar with Ikea during my quest for organization, and knew I could get all the supplies there for this project!  All it takes is two black frames and 10 hooks!

I love the way it turned out so much that I may consider doing a third frame on the bottom of the door (as believe it or not I couldn't fit everything in the first two frames!  What do you think?

Do you want to do this project at home, below are the supplies I used!
  • 2 Ikea Black Frames FJALLSTA - $30
  • 10 (5 packages) Ikea SAVERN hooks- $25

*All photos taken on my iPhone and edited with instagram!

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