Friday, September 13, 2013

Homemade Vanilla Extract [follow-up - 7 month later]

If you remember my post from way back in February (when I was actually blogging on a regular basis), you will recall I showed HOW EASY it is to make your own homemade vanilla extract.  Its almost crazy that we would spend so much money or extract when its so simple to make at home.

This particular bottle was made on 2.14.13 (I should name it love potion) and has very nicely extracted!  This could seriously almost be perfume, if you love the smell of vanilla you may want to get a spritz bottle and just use this as your new scent.  I have actually been using the extract since the summer for baked goods and it comes out oh so delicious. 

Its so cool to see it go from clear to a deep carmel! 

A few tips I learned recently at a cooking class.  If you don't split the beans you can actually top off the vodka and use it for years.  They had a 14 year extract and it smelled of a deep dark sweet effervescence that danced around the room.  For my next batch I am not going to split the beans and hopefully have a 14+ year extract!  Until then my 7month old extract has treated me to a light sweet aroma and taste. 

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