Friday, September 6, 2013

Soul Cycle: I'm not a soul virgin anymore!


Yesterday morning I had my first Soul Cycle experience!  I absolutely love spinning and have not had the opportunity to spin after quitting my gym as I was not using enough to make it worth it to pay the exorbitant funds and I have a gorgeous gym in my building that I used more often (yes I am very fortunate).

I have been training for the NYC Marathon since June (I have run over 200 miles...whoa!) and have been looking for additional cardio options that wont put stress on my legs so I thought spinning would be the perfect option to pick back up!  Below is my review...

Upon arrival I told them it was my first time (which basically means you have to fill out another form) and they try to get you to purchase water and rent shoes.  Since I have been an avid spinner in the past I informed them I didn't need shoes to which I had to physically show the front desk staff my shoes (as if they didn't believe me).  I then ventured down to the locker room to put my things in a locker and come up with a plan for a shower/quick exit after class (I went before work).  They did have a full service locker room however it was TINY and HOT so I knew I would have to duck out of stretching at the end and bold for a shower.

I went back upstairs to find my bike (bike 50) in the center of the back row and set myself up (while trying to remember what setting were most height at my hipbone).  I liked that the back row was a bit elevated and that I could see the instructor (since I didn't know what Soul Cycle was all about).  We started the ride with the room very dark (and some candles which I think were fake by the instructors bike) with fast loud music and FAST legs. 

This was the first time I realized that I had not spun in a while, you could tell the regulars by the speed of their legs.  Throughout the hour long ride the tempo was fairly fast and there was a lot of hand placement changes and out of the saddle ridding (forward and back thrusting to be exact).   

I loved incorporating the weights at the end of the ride and the fact that I did feel the whole body workout.  Since I didn't realize you could choose weight sizes my bike was already equipped with 1lb weights.  I think this was a good choice for my first ride however I can definitely push myself next ride with heavier weights. 

I wore my heart rate monitor and it tracked that I burned aprox 450 calories during the hour ride.  I think the next time I go I will be a little less timid on the bike and hopefully burn some additional calories (they advertise 500 - 700 calories per hour burned). 

Overall I enjoyed the change of pace for cardio and will definitely be back!


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