Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Thoughts

I have been slacking a bit on my postings!  Its not for lack of content and beautiful photos, its a time issue for me.  I have been traveling a lot for work and just can't seem to sit down a finish a post to hit publish.  I do LOVE this blog and am committed to keeping it going and 

1) I have been testing recipes for a fun but secret project I am working on called Sweet [Two]oth.  I am always so excited to photograph recipes and don't try them until after beautiful photos are taken.  The project I am working on requires new recipes to be created/cut down to bake in a 6" cast iron skillet.  I needed to create a brownie and was SO excited at how it looked when it came out of the oven.  I immediately grabbed my fresh lavender (isn't it gorgeous) and clicked away.  After the mini photo shoot I tasted the brownie and what do you know, it was NOT GOOD!  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try again :) 

2) I think the brownie was not good because I tested it with freshly ground whole wheat flour from the farmers market.  The flour was not super finely ground and I think the texture is what caused the brownies to not taste good (and maybe it was also because I tried to cut the sugar in half and add apple sauce...).  I am still talking about and gunning for a grain mill, if I had one I could have put the flour through the mill and made it finer for baking!  Its still on my amazon wishlist!    

2) I sold my first item on eBay!  I am selling more than half of my wardrobe as I want to simplify and minimize!  Since I am a new seller eBay will only let me list 5 of any one item at a time (and since I mostly own dresses) this may be a slow process but none the less pretty exciting!  Keep checking out my listings, I am going to list more items this weekend!

3) I am working on my expenses today!  I can't think of anything more that I hate doing than expenses.  Does anyone know of a solution to solve spending hours on expense reports???  Help (I am writing this post in procrastination of expenses...don't tell).

4) I am running the NYC Marathon in three weeks!  I can't believe its almost here (and I can't wait for it to be over).  I have been training and fundraising since June and while I have enjoyed the discipline and health benefits I am ready for a lazy weekend (not focused on eating enough so I can run for 4 hours straight)!

5) My dog now has 15,000 fans on Facebook!  Her last post (which is below) was a #throwbackthursday post from when she was 8 weeks old and over 2,700 people liked the post.  I can't believe I live with a celebrity!   


Happy Friday/weekend, more recipes are being posted this weekend and next week so please check back! 

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