Saturday, October 12, 2013

Taste of Brooklyn Bridge Park

Today for lunch Jason, Sophie and I ventured out to the first ever Taste of Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The BBP is a new hidden gem just beyond the Brooklyn Bridge across the east river from lower manhattan.  We have a special bond with this park as we walk through it almost every day and shockingly have NOT yet (until today) tried all the food vendors.  It was absolutely the perfect way to enjoy a lot of calories in preparation for the Staten Island half marathon (tomorrow) and get to know additional local food options.

Stop 1: Ample Hills

Just before the Soccer fields on Pier 5 and next to the public grills sits this little ice cream gem.  With a lot of interesting flavors to choose from and a the gorgeous view of lower manhattan in the background this was the perfect first stop on our BBP food crawl!  The ice cream was scrumptious (says my husband as I couldn't partake).  

Stop 2: Calexico 

After a short refreshing ice cream stop we ventured down to pier 1 to visit the Calexico food "truck".  I use the word truck loosely as its really just a small unassuming food cart that is always parked on pier 1.  The unassuming part is merely an illusion because this little cart packs a big punch with their food.  We each had one Chicken Taco and in a word it was AMAZING.  There is something magical about soft corn tortillas wrapped around seasoned chicken, pico de gallo and topped with avocado creme and a lime wedge.  This small truck = BIG flavor!  

Stop 3: No. 7 Sub 

After the taco we strolled over to the No. 7 Sub stand.  The sub stand is located just under the bridge and the small brick building can be missed if you are not looking for it.  The menu houses some of the most delicious looking sub combos with awesome names!  The taste of BBP featured a mini Godfather Part II sub and it was tasty.  What I love about this adventure is that I would have never ordered that combo but I got to try a little bite and actually liked it (adventure eating for Kirstin)!  

Stop 4: Luke's Lobster

Of all the stops we were most excited about having a mini lobster roll.  I am not a huge Lobster roll fan mostly because I don't love mayo (I should do a post of all the things I do to avoid substitute other things for mayo).  We have found many delicious lobster rolls in and around NYC and I will even tolerate my nemesis (mayo) for some delicious lobster.  To my surprise this roll did not have any mayo (or it had so little it was unrecognizable).  Large chunks of lobster dredged in an herbed butter compote and served on a mini buttered roll...heaven!  Run don't walk to Luke's (it's on the back side of the sub shop and we found out today that they deliver...hello delicious can I start a delivery account).

Stop 5: Fornino

After a mile walk back to Pier 6 we discovered Fornino.  Discovered is relative as we have walked past Fornino for the last few weeks (it just opened) and have just not had a chance to try it.  Pizza is my absolute favorite food (especially when I am training for a marathon...which I am).  The carbs, veggies (as in sauce) and cheese are just my perfect combination (and I have found is the best food for carbo loading).  To my pleasant surprise we each got a whole personal pizza and to my amazement it was one of my favorite pizza's I have ever had!  They have an amazing pizza oven on the roof of the restaurant (as well as picnic tables) and its likely the secret to the perfect pizza.  Crispy on the outsize chewy on the inside and perfect in the middle.  The good news is this place is rather close to my home, the bad news is I am likely to get obsessed with this place and request to eat here more than once a week!  

Honorable mention:

We sadly didn't stop a both Blue Marble and the Brooklyn Bridge Garden Bar, however we have been to both before!  They are both amazing and are must stops (the only reason we didn't stop is I can't have the offerings at either place at the ice cream and I'm not drinking again until after the marathon).

I HIGHLY recommend every restaurant in the Brooklyn Bridge Park and had an amazing day exploring!  

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