Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello my name is...

Well, its certainly been a while!  If you have been checking back on the blog and missed me (the five of you), I'm sorry!  I really have no excuse - I just haven't.  There is SO MUCH that has gone on in the last year in my life, let me recap (I left so much off - but the year was great so here are some fun pictures)!

Bought a house in the mountains! I followed my vision and in a short 11 months from the declaration I bought my dream cottage in the woods!  I have spent much of the year in the mountains and have loved being able to share the home with friends and family!  I alluded to it in this post

Sailed around the British Virgin Islands (I really need to do a post about this trip as it was amazing and everyone needs to rent a sailboat once in their lifetime).  Pictured below is Anegada (the most peaceful place on earth)

Spent our five year anniversary in Hawaii!  We had the most epic trip to Hawaii and got to celebrate some great work accomplishments as well as our beautiful anniversary!

Celebrated Love at multiple weddings (this is our little "family" photo from my SIL's wedding)

Enjoyed the great outdoors!

Had an amazing Mexican vacation (while also celebrating another wedding)!

Celebrated my 10 year anniversary of living in NYC.  I absolutely love that this photo was taken on my 10 year anniversary as we were flying in from spending the holidays with family!  

Cheers to more recipe creating, photo taking, art making and overall connecting with all of you! 

xoxo - KF

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