Me (Kirstin)

I'm Kirstin!  This blog was started to help me continue to engage in my passion for Photography and has really become my catch-all for most of my passions.

For the photos portion of the blog, you can expect to see all sorts!  I'll share everything from silly unedited photos from my iPhone to professional SLR photos.  I just love photos, and want to share all sorts with you.

For the life portion of this blog, I hope to share with you lots about my passions.  You can expect to see recipes and cooking adventures, my love of wine, my greater love of travel, sailing, all things NYC, my awesome husband, exercise challenges, and of course share lots about my French Bulldog.

Please leave me comments and share your thoughts with what I am posting!

PS - I am ALWAYS behind the camera, so I don't really have any good photos within the last year!  I need to figure out how to get someone to take my picture (or get my remote out and take some pictures of myself)!